The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft


By Julian Goodare, Lauren Martin, Joyce Miller and Louise Yeoman, January 2003

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JO/101 John Kincaid

John Kincaid
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Involved in cases in 1649 and 1659-61. Not the same as LA/1125.
related cases
case reference accused name involvement year
C/EGD/381 Issobell Fergussone Witch-pricker 1661
C/EGD/383 Christiane Wilsone Witch-pricker 1661
C/EGD/364 Bessie Moffat Witch-pricker 1661
C/EGD/385 Beatrix Leslie Witch-pricker 1661
C/EGD/380 Elspet Graham Witch-pricker 1661
C/EGD/1398 Kathrin Huntar Witch-pricker 1661
C/EGD/377 Janet Paistoun Witch-pricker 1661
C/EGD/345 Jonet Thomson Investigator 1660
C/EGD/323 Cristian Cranstoun Investigator 1659
C/EGD/324 Barbara Cochrane Investigator 1659
C/EGD/353 Helen Simbeard Investigator 1659
C/EGD/349 Mareone Guild Investigator 1659
C/EGD/1855 Catharin Walker Investigator 1650
C/EGD/2374 Marion Inglis Witch-pricker 1649
C/EGD/2610 Bessie Mortoun Witch-pricker 1649
C/EGD/1326 Manie Halieburton Witch-pricker 1649
C/EGD/1328 Patrik Watsone Witch-pricker 1649
related trials
trial reference accused name year
none recorded